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LVL UP EXPO brings together people of all backgrounds to inspire creativity, passion, and competitive spirits on a dynamic global platform. The annual event is a blend of competitive gaming, inspired artistry, and inclusive community-building over the course of three days (and nights).

Las Vegas Inferno

Founded on January 6th 2020. Las Vegas Inferno has been recognized, and supported as the official Esports team of Las Vegas! Las Vegas Inferno is a Content, Lifestyle, Sports & Competition brand! The Las Vegas Inferno Family is made up of influential personalities, superior class gamers and captivating streamers. Not only is Las Vegas Inferno here to stay, but we are also here to positively impact the city while giving back as much as possible.


Community Partners

Rebel Gaming

Rebel Gaming is the newest collegiate esports club for UNLV. We host online events, LAN socials, and esports teams for University of Nevada - Las Vegas.


Silver State Esports

Silver State Esports created an environment in which high school students in the Las Vegas area compete and organize esports events. Silver State Esports involvement with local schools helps create a brighter and stronger future for esports here in Las Vegas and beyond!